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Cody and Megan Wisecarver Our Story

I grew up on a small family farm with cattle, horses, goats, chickens, and hogs and while working the earth, produced a great desire for agriculture in my life. All along my family has kept our own farm raised beef to eat. I purchased my first cattle at age 16 which was the start to our now 155 head of Angus and Angus influenced herd that make up the livestock that my wife, Megan, and I care for today. The idea of selling individual cuts of meat, now a few years into the business; is a remarkable dream of ours. It is a blessing from God to be able to share great flavorful meat that we now produce.

Animal comfort and care has been a priority for our success. Happy Cows always raise Healthy Calves.  I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Food and Agricultural Economics at the University of Tennessee which allows us to focus all our management practices to be sustainable and regenerative to the land; aspiring to leave the next generation with a greener future.  The one thing that sets us apart from others is the fact that we produce almost everything our cattle eat on the farm.

Our quality cared for pastures, that are grazed year-round produce excellent alfalfa hay, corn, grass and wheat. Our Secret ingredient is the care we provide to our animals feeding them a balanced and nutritious diet and not using steroids or growth antibiotics.  Since we grow our own feed, we do not have to buy feed that has all kinds of different and unknown additives in it. We prefer a healthy meal and want you to enjoy the safest meat possible, which passes USDA inspections. In 2020, we kicked off our Retail USDA Inspected Meat sales allowing us to provide product from “Our Farm to Your Table”.